Academic Facilities

An excellent exterior of the school architecture is complemented by a comprehensive infrastructure and facilities for learning. Facilities for both study and research work , such as Local Area Network

( LAN) ; student workstations; scanning; printing and digital camera facilities ; access to the internet and World  Wide Web ; and other online and offshore services, is provided to supplement course work.



Well stocked, computerized library with a wide range of books, CD –DVD, encyclopedias , periodicals and magazines. To develop a strong mind , every child  has to develop good reading habits.


Art and Craft Center

Art helps to manifest one’s creativity and imagination and children get a chance to do so in the art room where they immerse themselves in the world of colors. A craft room is where you sculpt your talents , learn and create. It is a place of vast imagination and endless ideas.



Children further get a chance to express themselves in the sculpture room where they learn clay modeling which  not only develops their motor skills but is a soothing and healing experience as well.



The school has a state- of- art auditorium for functions, seminars and workshops. It has a capacity of  500 persons. The cultural events are conducted with great enthusiasm and glamour where many famous people have been the guest of honor.


Science Labs


Math Lab

Admission Inquiry
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