Message from School Management


Mr. Manoj Gupta
( Chairman )

At Sanskar- The Co-Educational School, we believe at providing an environment which promotes enthusiasm and passion among students at individual level and also at developing team spirit in groups. Our focus has always been on making our students wonderful human beings at personal as well as at professional platforms. The knowledge provided here ensures thorough grounding of students for overall personality development. Co-Curricular activities and academics are blended together to create unique learning experiences for the students. The school aims to develop tomorrow’s leaders in the field of sports, academics, sciences, administration and social welfare. The basic moral values at Sanskar, such as respect for others and our nation, truthfulness, basic sets of behavior and principles, are inculcated to enable students and understand our rich cultural Indian values.

Mr. Amit Gupta
( Sr. Vice Chairman)

Ignorance and all other false identification, which stand as a hurdle in one’s own path of success. Hence, education in its true sense enables one to comprehend one’s self within. SANSKAR has been aiming to provide contemporary education coupled with a strong foundation in Indian cultural values. Today the fast changing environment with an invading influence of mass media has made parenting a daunting task. We believe in creating a conducive environment that will help discover the child’s latent potential and make the process of learning joyful. A famous poet Subashita says “A student learns one quarter from his master, the second quarter accrues from his own intelligence, and the third from fellow students and time and experience confer the fourth Quarter.” It is evident that much of the learning process happens in the right school. The Management has put together a fully equipped campus that fosters learning and helps the child to explore, inquire, seek and learn. The classrooms have excellent ambience, with Wi-Fi connectivity and state -of- the- art infrastructure. This is fully backed by a dedicated team of qualified teachers led by our Principal. The task of a teacher is to invoke the spirit of inquiry in the pupil who is supposed to find out answers on his own under the bias-free guidance of the teacher. SANSKAR ensures a curriculum and methodology that promises a competitive edge for its students. We invite parents to let their children join this exciting voyage of discovery and learning. Together let us make a difference to our child’s education and prepare him/her for life in such a manner, that when he/she goes out in the world, he/she shines out in the crowd.

Dr. Swati Gupta
( Executive Director )

Many things has been said and discussed about education, right from what should be taught to how it should be taught and what should be learnt and so on and so forth. Here I would like to say that mind is like a sponge and it absorbs everything from childhood to old age, through all the senses that God has provided us. We at SANSKAR, provide a congenial atmosphere, where there is no fear and child’s innate curiosity is satisfied, where atmosphere stimulates child’s passion for learning, where students are inspired to become better individuals in life, a place where children love to come. The distinctive feature at SANSKAR is the involvement of every child in all co-scholastic activities. For holistic development, academics are peppered with sporting, yoga, the art, music and recreational activities. School offers programs which provide each child the opportunity for multi-dimensional growth. We believe that every student is meritorious and has aptitude and ability. It is our pledge to empower them, hone individual skills, and make each to be a lifelong learner. As educational planners, we realize the speed of change in education and respond to these growing demands and challenges through dynamic planning ensuring an enhanced and enriched curriculum. We are very well-resourced and ensure ideal teacher-student ratio. Our high calibered and well-qualified staff is dedicated and enthusiastic in providing the best learning environment. The school greatly values and encourages parents’ involvement in order to develop strong home-school links. When the four pillars of a school; enthusiastic learners, responsible parents, good teaching faculty, and caring management work together – we can scale greater heights.

Chhaya Agarwal
( Principal Main Branch )

On behalf of the Sanskar family, I welcome you.

Sanskar is not just a school where we teach the young generation but is a journey of self –discovery for a young mind that grows to be a vigilant adult.

‘Parivartan or Change’ is the key word for the 21st century. From Marks to Grades, from the Gurukul Education system to the Modern Age Education, from Real to Virtual classrooms – education has attired a completely new definition and dimension.

Our motto is to develop a nurturing environment where the mentor and the mentee share a bond as if in ancient time it was between a Guru & Shishya, yet adapted to this millennium. An important feature of this process is the school’s provision of rich choices, be they in the courses of academics, arts, sports and technological activities.
With the turn of the calendar, the commitment to take the school to greater heights is more firmly established.

I believe, that with the‘Yes, We can’ attitude we would surge forth to accomplish our vision- ENLIGHTENING MINDS, ENCOURAGING CREATIVITY, FOSTERING RESPONSIBILITY..

An institution works smoothly and climbs the ladder of glory with team-work and mutual trust of its stake holders. Our parents are an integral part of this trajectory. Their invincible collaboration will lead to the fulfillment of our goals and to attain their support, we as an institute are committed.

I would conclude with one message to my dearest students. “Dream big and work hard towards your goals” I assure you that your ambitions will be accomplished through the generous guidance of our experienced faculties. Remember, you are the torch bearers and your foremost duty is to serve the society in the most salutary manner.

“Finally I recapitulatemy belief with this quote by Swami Vivekanand “Arise, Awake & stop not, till the goal is achieved”. Let us join our hands together and take ‘SANSKAR’ to the acclaimed orbits of excellence.

With all the best wishes and regards!

Chhaya Agarwal


Dr. Shalini Agarwal
( Principal Play Group )

Times have changed and so have the learning styles.

We create opportunities for constant growth and development where in every learner is encouraged to learn at his own easy pace and achieves new milestones. The school has focused on growth, up gradation of skills of teachers, modern techniques which help in adoption of new educational systems. Education prepares children for life and the right education is very crucial for the harmonious development of an individual and no education system is complete without the basic foundation of a good value system. Students excel not only in scholastic learning but co-scholastic areas also which greatly enhance their cognitive, psychomotor and affective areas of learning. Music, dance, art and craft, sports, yoga, creative and performing art skills help them identify their creative potentials. Our students constantly rediscover themselves by setting new goals for themselves. Our theme assemblies facilitate students to know more about Indian culture and values. Thus schooling is the physical and mental training time in the life of every student as it is quoted by Albert Einstein : “Education is what remains even after one has forgotten everything he has learned in school.” I look forward to forge a successful partnership between all stake holders of the school and parents in bringing out the best for children and society.

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