Our Vision


Our Vision

To excel in the world of constant change, students at Sanskar are equipped to think, encouraged to innovate, create and take responsibility

“Enlightening minds, Encouraging creativity, Fostering responsibility”

Enlightening Minds

We believe that mind is developed by cognitive value, concentration and wisdom. At Sanskar- The Co Educational School, we build an environment where a child can contribute out of box ideas to modify his own learning. Children are prepared to think rationally about different subjects, spheres of life and other attributes that ensure all the success in life.

Encouraging creativity

A creative mind leads to innovations and inventions. We ensure that the students are honed with the creative and intellectual pursuits. They are made to learn that there are many dimensions of analyzing a single understanding. Creativity is nurtured by questions and investigations which are catered by the faculty here at the school.

Fostering responsibilities.

The most essential aspect of teaching is to foster a sense of responsibility among learners. Team spirit and leadership skills are provided through regular games, sports and SEP classes. Students are made responsible for their own learning which they effectively use in their personal and social life.

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