Beyond Classroom


For the emotional and mental well being of every human being, counseling by a trained professional could serve as an appropriate help. The myth that counseling is only for the problematic has been replaced by the fact that counseling prevents from problems. Counseling foster better life skills like decision making communication skills, interpersonal relationships etc. Both preventive and remedial counseling provide help.

Parents and teachers are also counseled and planned follow-ups and personal counseling sessions help to solve the existing problem and also to prevent high risk behaviors.

Effective parenting sessions with the parents and counseling workshops and training programs promotes better parent -child and better student-teacher relationships. Educational counseling helps to impart effective study skills, handling exams and managing stress.

The first step towards the career choice is to know self. First and foremost the life skill ‘self-awareness’ begins the process of career planning. Classes VII onwards interact with the counselor in groups to know and learn the process of career planning. Subsequently the role of personal traits, aptitude and interests are understood. This is followed by information on careers in three different streams namely Commerce, Science and Humanities.

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